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🤱JRDWorks: Dispatching service to homes in order to help the postpartum-care of a mother and a new-born (2 or 4 weeks)
About SVI (Seoul Venture Incubator)
👻imax: Essential Equipment for Cold Brew Coffee. We have 1 batch Cold Brew Time in the shortest 28 minutes It has a fresh taste without bacteria
👾MtoMe: IoT sensors and VRFit service that convert indoor fitness equipment into VR fitness equipment
Suneel Gokhale VentureSouq
Host by GURO distric office, SVI & besuccess
About GURO District
Guro or Guro-gu is a district in Seoul. It is known for its digital industrial complex. The Guro Digital Industrial Complex has played a leading role in the industrial revolution since the 1970s in the country. Guro District is an urban complex for high-tech industries focusing on venture, IT and knowledge industries. It started with the textiles and garments industries as its main items to promote Korea’s export industries, but recently conglomerates’ laboratories and ventures have been moving in with value-added high-tech industries and information-knowledge industries. It is known Korean Silicon Valley, where dreams are realized with the help of its well-organized startup incubation system.
Raja Hamzah Abidin RHL Ventures
🏝nmodelin: Hub between models and brands with a different service platform
Andreas Surya Kejora Ventures
Seoul Venture Incubator is one of the oldest organization supporting startups. This Korean company offers help for developing entrepreneurial companies. It provides business support resources and services for startups through incubator management programs. Seoul Venture Incubator finds and develops venture businesses that will become leaders of the future venture industry with creative technological innovation. The organization is supported by the Korean Venture Business Association and also runs an Entrepreneurship Center – KOVA. It offers workspace, conference rooms, mentorship programs, events for startups across Korea.
are partnering with startup supporting media company beSUCCESS to host ‘Guro Innovation Summit’ on July 18th, 2019 in Guro district, Seoul in South Korea. The event will be held at the G-Valley Convention.
💊MediRita : AI for drug efficacy and safety prediction
2019.07.18 1pm @GURO District
PITCH round 2
The GURO district office and Seoul Venture Incubator (SVI)
💻NPCore: Defend your PC/Laptop against New Malware Attack
PITCH round 1
to bring in innovative and enterprising startups on a common forum to pitch for funds from Venture capitalists and investors. The success of the South Korean startup ecosystem is globally known and the recent rise of Korean billionaire startups in 2018 has attracted the attention of many international and domestic investors.
Panel Discussion (Andreas Surya, Raja Hamzah Abidin, Jeffrey Paine, Tina Cheng)
The aim of this event is
🚘HICS Company: Lightwave measuring device for Flexible Display, Electric car
🍋Himnanda Company: by manufacturing detox juice, operating juice bar and salad store. we provide fresh and delicious food and put efforts to create innovative products for our customers
beSUCCESS is Korea’s leading tech startup media launched in 2011 to support Korean companies’ global advancement. The media company runs beSUCCESS national and English media, and organizes leading startup conferences – beLAUNCH and beGLOBAL. beSUCCESS media not only provides direct and indirect information to expand the insights of domestic start-ups such as tech trends, startup news, and entrepreneurship around the world including Silicon Valley but also introduces Korea’s startup ecosystem and news in English to the rest of the world to support the global success of Korean start-ups. The company also runs, the English news site about Korean startups for global readers.
The July 18th event
Curt Shi Follow[the]Seed
🍩Blueprintlab: BluePrintLAB specializes in designing software solutions that utilize 3D scanning, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence (AI)
Panel Discussion (Curt Shi, Suneel Gokhale, Emre Yuasa, Anant Raj Pathak)
Break Time
📐GlobalMathMonster: Online Math Learning Platform for GMAT, GRE
Anant Raj Pathak HAX
Door opens
Jeffrey Paine Golden Gate Ventures
📠Carima: Bringing unsurpassed build-size and extending realization to your imagination. Creating a new work of 3D printing quality and immensity
Made with ❤️ powered by beSUCCESS
Tina Cheng Cherubic Ventures
Opening remarks
will have 12 startups selected to pitch for their product and service. There will be at least 150 attendees at the event. Local entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors will be called for the event. There will also be invitees from international markets, especially those who have an interest in investing in Korean startups or those visiting S. Korea at that time of the year. 👋